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Bertie Klaasen

I have enjoyed a couple of different retreats with the ReCreations team and I would recommend the experience to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to learn something new about themselves , to discover new ways to fill in your life, and to explore your own potential. Each retreat is carefully planned out and well balanced to include yoga sessions, guided group activities, and free time to enjoy nature walks, hot-tubbing, or just a nap under the trees. Be prepared for some healthy, delicious, and creative dishes to nourish your body, and for spirited, inspiring, and mind-opening yoga, meditation, and guided activities to nourish your soul. ReCreation retreats offer a great space to relax and refresh and recharge your battery, to find your balance and peace, and to absorb the amazing energy of a beautiful place and beautiful people to carry with you into your daily life. But the most power was in the coaching moments after the retreat where I can really integrate the knowledge in practice.


Michael  Berbanos

The first thought I had that I was going to experience a really special week. I already know Richard so the expectations were very high. I am very physical so I liked the active part enormously. But the meditating, writing, learning, and discussing was a new experience for me. However, I found much greater tools to take home with me beyond a dose of Vitamin D. Thank you to the ReCreation team for the best week ever, I will take this experinence with me the rest of my private and working life.

Mike van Thiel1.png

Mike van Thiel

I felt this week was exactly as it should be.I loved the theme and the connection to it throughout the whole week I am filled with gratitude that I had the opportunity to be here to experience this.  

Ben Wienk .png

Ben Wienk

I was so impressed with the quality of the programme, the preparation and thought that goes into the ReCreation retreats. The time is well used, top events, physical interesting but flexible enough to allow us to adjust from our busy lives. Thank you so much for the pleasant and personally productive week! 


Galya Protopopova

I am deeply grateful to have met Kinga and to have an opportunity to receive the coaching sessions from her. When we started the sessions I was out of emotional energy and extremely sad, if not depressed. I had lost my job, I was shouting at my child, and on top of all that, then my husband left me.

We had individual as well as group coaching sessions in 2018. During the coaching with Kinga my concerns turned to be either not a concern at all or transformed to something real and surprising. I learnt how to be myself and to listen to myself more and to understand myself. I got more energy and vitality for living. I stopped worrying about many things that seemed important before the sessions. I started feeling more confident and secure, lively and energetic, peaceful and happy.

Kinga's analytical skills deserve a special word. She was helping me to deeply understand the situations and thoughts which I saw as unresolvable and where I feel stuck. She taught me how to deal with the moments, circumstances and myself when I feel stuck. Kinga has collected and studied a lot of theoretical and practical material over the years and I see it every time she suggests looking at an issue from a different angle. We get to the root cause of my concerns and the problem either ceases to be an issue as it dissolves or I find an answer inside myself.

Kinga is a natural-born coach. She is trained and experienced with a wide range of approaches, techniques and has a deep knowledge in healing, psychology and how the mind works. I recommend her to anyone who feels exhausted, unhappy, sad, lacking in self confidence and or energy, trying to understand his or her real desires and life goals, and to those who find themselves in a crisis, who have questions, stress and worry but cannot find answers.

I still have weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with Kinga. It feel that she listens to me not only because she is my coach but also because of her care and commitment - she is dedicated to the challenge of resolving my issues and to inspires me to create my life. She surprises me with creative approaches to tacking questions with a range of tools and perspectives. I feel energised and peaceful after every session with Kinga.

Noemi Bagameri.jpg

Noemi Bagameri

Eni is the most patient yoga instructor you will ever meet! She will slowly help you test your limits, relax and get rid of all your stressful thoughts. Her mere presence filled with positivity will bring a smile to your face. Definitely a yoga class to try!

Elisa Gramlich.jpeg

Elisa Gramlich

I regularly try to go to Eni’s Yoga lessons and attended her Yoga & Surf Camp - I can definitely recommend it! She really focuses on the person and helps you improve your Yoga practice in a very positive and patient way.

Martina Teufner.jpeg

Martina Teufner

Creativity is a muscle – that’s what we learned from the first Lightning Talk, presented by Enikö Balint from beteal on Sept 4th, 2018. Lightning Talks is an event series designed to foster innovation and creativity in our company. The first Lightning Talk was a great success and didn’t only motivate our employees to share their ideas but also beteal supported us to evaluate the feedback we got in the course of the event about our internal idea management system to make it more attractive for employees

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