Who are we?


Kinga Bálint

Transpersonal Coach
& Entrepreneur

Richard Spierings

& VIP24 Coach

Enikö Bálint

Leadership Coach
& Yoga Instructor 

Netherlands meets a Hungarian in Austria and an Australian in Spain. This is the story of a transpersonal coach, a physiotherapist, and a leadership coach/yoga teacher coming together and recreating the way we think about retreats and travel. We are a team of 3 from different parts of the world and different backgrounds but with the same vision: to come together in collaboration and create life-inspiring retreats.

"We are dedicated to serving our clients powerfully, as catalysts and facilitators for you to create and live your best life." li



Our dynamic trio creates a multifaceted triad: Kinga is very creative and passionate, it is always a pleasure to talk to her about the big questions of life. She has a myriad of tools to help you find your own insights and dig deep to access your innate wisdom. Richard on the other hand is more like a personal trainer. He is highly motivating, encouraging us to go beyond our limits and then to keep on going. This is what we like about him, and he is always right: we can do it! Enikö is the balance-seeker. She helps you to find your calm center you and she is always happy to listen. As she had done so many things in her life, feel free to ask her about almost anything from business and technology to yoga and spirituality.

"Being such and international team has other advantages too: we speak English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian and Romanian."


Our complementing qualities create a strong and diverse team and we have designed a programme that gives you the tools, knowledge, insight, breakthroughs and support you need to access your own resources to create and sustain the changes that will make the difference in your experience of life. 


The result is, you will have the clarity of purpose and empowerment to have the life you choose by creating it in the real world.

Want to get in touch or have any questions? Feel free to drop us a line on our Contact Page here. We would love to hear from you!

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