Are you finally ready to choose the life you want?

ReCreation is Curious, Open,

                    Awakening, Inspirational,

Passionate, Alive,

                        Adventurous & Fun

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished;
that will be the beginning.” ~ Louis L’ Amour

What is ReCreation?

ReCreation is a 7 day life-changing retreat followed by 3 months of individual and group-coaching that will infuse you with clarity, inspiration and purpose, uncover your deepest desire and give you the tools and support to realise your goals. It is a transformational programme where you reboot and launch the next phase of your life – this time, the life you really want.


This is the time to say YES to yourself and get down to the business of creating the life you are called to live. It is a space designed to shift your focus to what really matters, detox your life, nurture your dreams and live up to your full potential. Clean out and de-clutter those things that are unimportant, recreate yourself, break through your familiar limiting patterns that have held you back, and finally step into your purpose.


ReCreation is a programme designed to jumpstart  your life, bringing insight, transformation, clarity, purpose through structure and learning, to focus on creating the next step in your life and giving you the tools and support to make it happen in the real world.


It transforms your sense of who you are by getting you in touch with your inner genius and innate wisdom, your authenticity, discovering your purpose - your 'WHY' that puts the spark in life. We bring clarity to what you really want to say YES to, by empowering you to create your dreams with a seven day reboot and kick-start as well as the long term structure through one-on-one and group coaching masterminds to ensure you hit the ground running and actually follow through to make things happen for yourself and in your life.

You will gain new perspectives & insights
Then, get support to make it happen -
because no-one walks alone

     You  will  discover  your  desires,

                 your  zest  for  life,

         ~ joy,  spark,  inspiration

     clarity,  empowerment  

               & your  amazing self

This is a deep integral transformative experience that is created to bring vitality to all aspects of your life, both internal and external, focusing on the physical, mental, emotional and transpersonal. You will take away bespoke, personalised practices to integrate into your life to ensure you are grounded in a new way of being and how you show up in the world. It’s about sustainable, long-term transformation to have you thrive in your life.


This is not just a cognitive exercise of philosophical exploration - it is all tried and tested practices by us and our clients. It is packed with new insights into yourself, your life, distinctions that will bring you fresh breakthroughs and inspiration, transforming your view of yourself and of what is possible in life. You will experience those ‘Eureca!’ and  ‘Aha!’ moments, renewed vitality and energy through a physical reboot of exercise and nutrition, individual and group coaching, live retreat and online support via coaching and masterminds for the following 3 months, practical exercises and structures to anchor your learning. You will find a new approach to life and create your way of getting what is most important to you, out of your imagination and into the real world.


ReCreation is created to launch the next phase of your life and support you in finding the courage, motivation and sustained action to live with intention. You will get the insight, tools, and the community support you need to create sustained action to breakthrough results in areas of your life that are important to you.


We rarely think of ourselves as ‘creators’ of our lives. We may have moments of creativity but mostly we may not feel like we are creating our lives so much as experiencing it. We designed this retreat and 90 day coaching series to put you in the pilot’s seat, leave behind old strategies and beliefs that may be holding you back and give you the tools and support you need to really take off and start to soar. When you create with clarity, intention and passion, your living becomes an art form and expression of your essence.



How  could   this  life  be

extraordinary  for  you?

  • Move to an island

  • Find the love of your life

  • Learning to paint

  • Heal your relationship with money

  • Write a book

  • Dace the Tango

  • Volunteer in a foreign country

  • Build a home

  • Heal from a health condition

  • Leave your job or a toxic relationship

  • Stop editing yourself & playing small

  • Have your own creative space

  • Launch your new career

  • Travel the world with a backpack

  • Wring every ounce of juice out of life

  • Fill in yours…

In this programme we take your ‘YES’ and treat it in an integral way, so that it isn’t a band-aid effect but brings true change to important areas of you life such as relationships, personal goals, health and vitality, creativity, self-belief and your relationship with money.


We are going to complete your past so that it can inform but not determine your future. A clean slate means your future will not look like your past. Old habits, beliefs and ineffective strategies that may have served you this far may actually be the very things holding you back and stopping you from creating the new in your life.

Now is the time to get still and think about what is the next right move. So wherever you are in life right now: if you are dissatisfied, know that this is just a sign that you are not on the right track and if you feel like things are OK but there must be more and you want that spark, ReCreation is the clearing in which the new can arise and be created.


Sometimes we just need to ask better questions, find higher quality challenges and seek out a change of perspective – a new insight that makes all the difference and things can transform in the blink of an eye. Change can be a long and difficult struggle when all you have is your willpower but transformation is effortless and based on insight. You just never know what you don’t yet know and that could make all the difference.


So we invite you to take a step back, gain some new insights that can make all the difference for you at this time, create new visions that pull you forward because at some point we come to realise that life is an adventure that is too short-lived and we want to support you in creating a life that is worthy of you. That instead of feeling restricted, aim for dreams and goals that you can live and grow into. When you tap into your ‘WHY’ is can carry you if you let it.


If your cup-sized life is not longer enough for you, come create a gallon size life that you can really immerse yourself in! It is time. Get tuned in and connected to your source because from there you know that all things are possible. Time is life. Spend it wisely!

Give yourself permission to slow down, take stock of your life
and let the things you really want bubble up to propel you
into creating a life you were mean to live.

9 probing questions for you to contemplate ~

1.     What is your game plan ~ do you have one?

2.     What can’t you get enough of?

3.     Just how much passion, joy, inspiration and creativity can you stand?

4.     Where do you HOLD BACK?

5.     What people, places and habits FILL you with ENERGY?

6.     What people, places and habits DRAIN you of ENERGY?

7.     How do you stop yourself from creating the things you want in your life?

8.     What is worthwhile for you to invest your time and energy into?

9.     How much goodness are you willing to create and experience?

Create the life you want – it’s not too late
Life on your terms starts when you are ready
We can guide you there but YOU are the only one that can

When you say YES to yourself you connect to your passion and passion is the ultimate connector to life. It ignites your soul, it connects you to the people around you, your creativity, to achieving how you want to live, it invites you to go after your dreams, and most importantly it connects you to what’s in your heart.

Passion is what makes you feel truly alive.

When you trust and believe there is a big, beautiful life for you, that is when the magic starts to happen. When you say NO to what’s not serving you anymore and walk into the light, you are in for a rodeo ride of life, one where you feel FULLY alive.

The truth is that it is never too late!

The first thing people will tell you is that you have left your dreams too late. But you are not too late! As long as you are breathing, that just isn’t true.

At 40, 50, 60 you are just hitting your stride. This is your life, every hour, day, week or month counts. You have plenty of time.

All the knowledge, hard work and experience you gained in your 20’s and 30’s has set you up for NOW to UNEARTH and go after your heart’s DESIRES.

How good are you willing to let your life become? 

HOW MUCH JOY, FUN, LOVE and ADVENTURE are you willing to let in?


When you find your PURPOSE - your WHY,
you feel vitality, passion; when you feel passion, you are


When you are ALIVE, you are connected to life, your vision, the people around,
and you become unstoppable!
Find your WHY and it will have you create even the impossible HOW!

Does this resonate?

  • You feel like life is passing you by and you are missing out

  • You don't even know what you want 

  • You have something you want to say YES to but don’t know how to go about it

  • You feel disconnected from how you are currently living

  • Life happens to you instead of you guiding your life with intention

  • You want to have better relationships with key people in your life

  • You want to jump out of bed with joy excited about your day

  • You want to have a life purpose

  • You want a supportive tribe

  • You spend more time pleasing others than pleasing yourself

  • Control is your default and often puts you in overwhelm and drama

  • You are heading into a new phase of your life and not sure how to navigate it

  • You would love to be creative but have never dared to try

  • You are tired of settling and ready to give your YES your full attention


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