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Your retreat starts before the retreat!

Available as soon as you sing up.


Before the 7 day retreat, you will get a taste of transformative coaching in this first one-on-one coaching session with Kinga. In this introductory conversation we will clarify your needs, motivation and goals for taking part in the retreat and ReCreation programme and introduce you to deep coaching. We may even have some breakthroughs and insights and start to shift your mindset so that you will get even more benefits from the retreat and the optional 3 month online coaching programme that follows. 


We will get to know each other and build a basis for the ReCreation programme and answer any questions you may have. Please allow for up to two hours for this coaching session. 


Available as soon as you sign up, this in-depth profiling system will give you greater understanding  of 5 key categories of yourself and your life including:

  1. Your Interest Type: Are you more artistic, enterprising, investigative, realistic?

  2. Abilities and Values: Insight into how you can use your resources and potential optimally

  3. Preference Profile - Indicates personality characteristics such as extraversion, thinking and intuition- 16 personality types.

  4. VIP24 Cycle: Are your values fulfilled and which areas of your life are out of alingment? How much 'flow' do you experience and what is missing?

  5. Lifestyle: What is the gap between wanted and current situation?  What can you do to strengthen your quality of life? 

You will receive coaching and analyses of your VIP24 Profiling results with Richard in a one-on-one coaching session during the ReCreation 7 day retreat. Together with transformative individual and daily group coaching with Kinga, these will serve as an integral basis for gaining insight, new tools and perspectives for re-creating yourself and your life.  

ReCreation 7 Day Retreat

Group Coaching 


Day 1


Welcome day & get to know your tribe for the week


To get ready for the week ahead, we start to bring awareness and move energy with a snapshot of your life and then we create space for change. 


  • snapshot of your life testimony

  • essence objects

  • co-creating: wants, hopes, fears & requests for the week

Day 3


We are going to look at some of the patterns by which we operate and create our lives. This is the day that many break-throughs and 'Aha moments' happen as we take a closer look at the universe that is you.


As we start to see ourselves through new lens and once you get what your patterns are, you become free of them because you now have it, rather than it having you. This is not about superficial change but a deep transformative experience based on gaining new perspectives about what we took for granted


  • what drives us: 6 human needs

  • our rules and 'WHYs'

  • our biggest filter: the primary question

  • our biggest inauthenticity: the act

  • forgiveness

  • our money story

  • relationships , needs and languages of love

  • kinesiology and self-muscle testing techniques

Day 2


To lay the foundations of  understanding for the exercises, tools and distinctions we will cover in the week, we will start by examining who we really are, how we work, our perceptions of the world and cultural contexts that influence us and how this all plays out in our lives. 


We are going to get philosophical and re-examine what we believe about ourselves, our lives and begin to complete our past so that it informs, but does not determine our future. 


  • applied philosophy: 3 theories of truth

  • the perception model

  • vicious cycles and self fulfilling prophecies

  • cultural enactment 

  • meaning and intention

  • Ken Wilber's Integral Theory

Day 4


So we have covered some big picture philosophy (Day 1) and your unique psychology (Day 2), not it is time to dive deep and examine who you are beyond and underneath your thoughts and feelings. We go to your core, to your essential and unique self.

This is not just a conceptual journey but an experiential one - but understanding it helps. There is nothing you need to believe so much as see what is always already there as a constant in you, as you.


  • wellbeing vs happiness

  • innate wisdom

  • life is created inside out

  • self love

  • the 3 fears all humans have

  • access innate wisdom and intuition - your inner genius 

Day 5


After 3 days of input, exercises and application, we are going to do an age-old practice of silence. But this is not a disconnection from the world, but in fact a profound and subtle reconnection to ourselves, to others and the space we live in

while resting in the deep stillness in which life arises.

In the 24 hours of not speaking, you will have the chance to find your innate wellbeing, a stillness that is like the eye of the storm. This simple non-exercise will give you a new way of dealing with stress in your daily life and also to hone your intuition and deeper listening skills - you will hear and connect to yourself and others in new ways, beyond words.

We will continue to engage in activities together but on this day especially you are encouraged to follow your internal guidance system and do what you will. 


  • micro movements body exercise 

  • guided meditations (non-dual, theta & open awareness)

  • belief change exercise 

  • 4 minutes of eye contact   

  • hiking

  • conscious eating

  • massage 

  • being present & hearing your internal guidance system 

Day 7


To complete our time together and before we return and integrate and create the new in our lives, we have one last gift but this is a gift you will give to each other. 

We started this week's journey as strangers and will walk away with being more deeply connected to ourselves as well as out shared humanity.

Out of this a new way of expressing yourself and appreciating the other will come.


  • praise behind your back

  • "I am..."

  • farewells & next projects

  • community & connection

  • finding & creating your tribe



online individual & group

coaching programmes


'No one is an island.'

The journey does not have to end here. The intensive 7 day retreat is like a kick-start to your life. In order for your to actualise your vision for your life and get grounded in your new way of showing up in the world, we invite you to join our online bi-monthly coaching groups which will be set up especially for the people that attended the ReCreations Retreat together. 

We recognise that old habits may revisit us and that context is so important in life.


So we offer you contexts and relationships that will make it easy for you to succeed in reaching your goals and create what you choose for your life. 

Day 6


By now we are thoroughly connected to ourselves, present in life in a new way and and have a deeper sense of being alive. 

It's time to ask, "What now?"

Today we will circle back to examine meanings again as we did on Day 2 but this time with the clarity and intention to create the new in our lives. 

You may find that the goals and priorities with which you started the retreat have shifted or changes in some way. Clearing away the slate of your mind and refreshing your perspective will do that.

This is the day you create a future that inspires and empowers you to move forward here in the present. It may be big or small, subtle or obvious but it will be yours.

We will excavate your hearts desires and turn them into a doable vision for your life - one that pulls you forward. It is the future (not the past) which we create and are living towards that determines how we feel in the moment. 


  • key areas of your life 

  • ideal week exercis

  • strengths finder

  • purpose and mission 

  •  goal / vision setting

  • accessing productive states and self management

  • time management

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